Client: Global leading brand for medical sterilization equipment

Challenge Statement: The client is one the leading manufacturers of medical sterilization equipment. The clients were looking to recalibrate their GTM strategies in Europe while making a course correction to their market potential estimates.

How HospeTrack helped: HospeTrack platform provides an account level detail of hospital infrastructure, care areas and medical devices. Specifically for this client, the datasets were customized to assess the surgical infrastructure of hospitals in Europe. Account-level and segment-level insights such as number of Major ORs and Minor ORs were estimated. Penetration of surgical services across individual hospitals was assessed from the existing platform. Heat maps around concentration of hospitals with the largest ORs and surgical capabilities were generated. Using the insights generated from HospeTrack, our client was able to map its potential customers regionally with the granularity of latitude / longitude data. The client could accurately estimate its addressable market and align its marketing and sales forces accordingly across Europe.

The insights were further elaborated by mapping the number of surgical personnel including Anesthesiologists, specialized surgeons (neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons etc.) within Europe at an account level. When correlated with their procedure volume and in-patient admissions, this further helped identifying key hospitals with high sales potentials for our client’s product offerings.